Oranjeband® Radish Viola, purple


Radish ‘Viola’ is a mid-early variety, beautiful and an unusual colour purple and also very tasty. Healthy and productive variety
Sow: February-March under glass and from March to mid-August
right out in the open. Sow or wide-legged (the seed as well
possibly divided over the seedbed) or on lines (or rows) with
a line spacing of 15 cm. After broad sowing the seed
Rake in 1 cm deep and then press the soil. After emergence
Thin out the seeds as a rule or in a row (remove an excess of plants) so that there is a space of 4 cm between the remaining plants.
is present. Keep the soil moist at all times for a good result.
Harvest: from 4-6 weeks after sowing.

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